May Day 2015
A perfect Suffolk dawn
"It will be a very good year for Little Egypt because the sun shone at
Dancing In The Dawn"

So said Squire Neville as we timed perfectly the end of Ring O' Bells - with only three back to backs - to coincide with the sun rising over Stanstead Hill.

A Perfect Day, A Perfect Day
The last of April, the first of May
And as we dance and as we play,
The sun comes up to greet us.
(From "Walk This World With Music" by Chris Wood)

"Arrive ready to dance at 5 a.m.", read the Squire's email. It was a chilly dawn, with frost on the ground, men with chilled, stick dropping fingers, and some musicians with mittens.

These pocket handwarmers are very useful  I reckon we give it a go. 

Kevin made it on his buggy, with just a little help from willing volunteers, and at precisely 5.10 we launched into our first dance, the Vandals of Hammerwich.

The AA say they'll be here about 9 

Enough dancers had turned out to enable a two set Bluebells. We danced a five man version of Banbury Bill as a tribute to our much missed friend and colleague Doods and it was all up, including young Marcus North, for a stomping performance of the already mentioned Ring O' Bells.  

'Belling-Up, begin!', shouted the Squire  And off we jolly well ... 

Martin Cleverdon was on Sunrise Watch and gave us the nod to conclude the dance. The grass was steaming by 6 a.m. when we decided that it was time to go for breakfast.

I know I saw the stick-box somewhere  I'm telling, you, on a good day ... 

Two years ago we ate at The Crown, now closed down. Last year we ate at The Cherry Tree, now closed down. So what did we do this year? We ate at the Church Hall with a fabulous breakfast prepared by Jackie and her helpers Chris, Mrs. Squire and grandchildren Mary and Noah.

 The Orchestra of Little Egypt  A very fine turn out 

We quaffed beer from cans. We had a great time. We all agreed it was a perfect start to the new Little Egypt season.

As if ... 
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