Devon 2015

Does my bum look big in this?
In which Little Egypt find kindred spirits, the Co-op, an equine cross-dresser, and a Wiltshire boxman.


"What we want is Totnes"

But I never went to heaven.
There was right good reason why,
For they sent a shining angel to me there,
An angel, down in Devon,
(Clad in muslin by the bye)
With the halo of the sunshine on her hair.

St John Bangs, 2015, après Alfred Noyes, 1880 - 1958, "A Devonshire Ditty"

Dancing and Drinking

All too soon it was our final day but there was plenty to look forward to.
Not only were we joining the Dartington Morris Men in Totnes for their Day of Dance, but we were meeting up with our old colleague and melodeon player Mark Mikurenda.
We all gathered in the romantic setting of the Co-op car park with other sides taking part including Beltane, the Plymouth Morris Men, Harberton Navy, Heather and Gorse Clog Morris and the side we'd be partnering at the various stands, Glory of the West.


The day started with a procession up Totnes steep High Street and through the East Gate with its famous clock tower to St Mary's Church.
As some of the men needed to recover their breath we gallantly asked Glory of the West to take the first dance, and very fine dancers they were too with a lightness of step rarely seen in Little Egypt performances.
Moving on to the second stand, conveniently opposite the Seven Stars hotel, a good crowd gathered to admire the mens' mighty weapons.

Avast behind  Speak for yourself sweetie 

Lunchtime was outside the Dartmouth Inn where all the sides would gather for a mighty dance off. A very fine carvery was on offer and some excellent ales were quaffed.
Each side took turns to dance their favourite dances, we chose a very spirited Fires of August (only ever danced on the 13th September) and Vandals for our contribution.

  Who's got Little Neville? 

We had to leave the party a little early as we faced a long coach journey back to Suffolk, but we went out in style with Mark leading us in a fine rendition of High Barbaree.
And Jukes found his rucksack...

In the words of Squire Neville

"Blimey - what a corker of a trip!!!"

  Who's got Little Neville? 
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