Devon 2015

Press gang
In which Little Egypt take to the rigging, head for the Moor and dine in style, but resort to press-gang techniques of recruiting all the while.

Wild Dartmoor! thou that 'midst thy mountains rude
Hast robed thyself with haughty solitude,
As a dark cloud on summer's clear blue sky,—
A mourner circled with festivity!
For all beyond is life!—the rolling sea,
The rush, the swell, whose echoes reach not thee.

Mrs Squire, 2015, après Felicia Hemans, 1793 - 1835, "Dartmoor"

Fish and Ships

A lie-in this morning as we were due to amble along to Brixham Quay for an 11 a.m. visit to the last remaining wooden Brixham Trawler, the "Vigilance".

She was built in 1928, and is now restored and used for various leisure activities from learning to sail such a craft to hosting private parties below deck!


The skipper was a charming man with a great sense of humour and some scary tales of what had happened to certain individuals who'd upset the local, and very close knit, Brixham community.

Avast behind  Speak for yourself sweetie 

After a brief lunch break we took the opportunity for a couple of impromptu dances on the quayside, right next to the "Golden Hind".
A good crowd gathered and were clearly entertained by our clashes and capers. There were several requests for photo opportunities which suggests our antics may even now be appearing on social media sites.

  Who's got Little Neville? 

Captain Blackheart of the aforementioned "Golden Hind" was keen for a group photo for his Facebook page, and we were happy to oblige with many a "Har Har", "Shiver Me Timbers" and an "Ooh Arrrrrr" or two.

First man to say 'Pieces of Eight' gets a parrot up his chuff  Orchestral pieces 

But there was more to come as we boarded our mighty coach for the journey to Dartmoor and Hay Tor.
This took some time with much backing up in the face of oncoming traffic along some very narrow Devon lanes.
It was worth it though: as Mr Bangs led us up to the Tor, Squire reminded us of just how many counties could be seen from the top of the hill.
It was quite an experience, dancing in such a wild but beautiful spot, and as had happened on several occasions a small crowd materialised from nowhere to show their appreciation for our efforts.


And we still had the Little Egypt Grand Tour Dinner to come at the Rockfish Restaurant on Brixham Quay.
A stylish and modern venue, the drinks prices were eye-watering yet the really quite fabulous food was very reasonable, so it all balanced out in the end.
We had speeches - Mr Bangs had already prepared a few words in his reporters notebook - we had toasts, and we sang some sea shanties.

Right. I shall say this only once ... 

As we wandered back to the hotel, or in some cases a pub, we reflected on what a great time we'd had so far, with tomorrow's Day of Dance in Totnes still to look forward to

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