Devon 2015
The Hay Tor Hey
History repeats itself.

Previously used as a landing ground by invaders from fabled flatlands to the East in 1688, Brixham could not have been expecting this bunch to repeat the occasion in 2015.

Where be ye going, you Devon maid?
And what have ye there i' the basket?
Ye tight little fairy, just fresh from the dairy,
Will ye give me some cream if I ask it?

D. Jukes, Esq. (2015), après John Keats (1818)

Of sticks and stones

Every trip should have a plan, otherwise who can you blame if things go wrong?
Mr. Bangs was the Chef de Mission on this particular trip, based in Brixham, South Devon.
Squire had issued the details, starting with the coach pickup times.
When he said coach no-one expected it to be an enormous six wheeled charabanc, hardly suitable for the Devon lanes.
Still, there was an ample sufficiency of room.

As per the timetable Jukes' rucksack disappeared within 30 minutes and spillage and stainage was noted at the Sudbury roundabout. A stop at South Mimms was duly made but then the timetable went awry.
The first scheduled dance spot was at Avebury, Wiltshire, at the huge circle of standing stones, but sadly the arrival time of 12.30 was not achieved. But no-one minded because we were on Morris Time.

Have we lost anyone?  Some ancient relics ... and some standing stones 

Squire revealed some of the history and magical properties of Avebury with particular emphasis on ley lines.

Apparently the conjunction of lines here was so strong that, if the critical spot was found, it would apparently be possible to fry an egg without any external form of energy.

The one on the left moved. You miss a go. 

The men and musicians, in travelling gear, were permitted to add only hats and bells for this brief dance out.
We started, as tradition dictates, with Ring O' Bells including our fairly new hey, the "Roy Hey".


Vandals was also danced before it was time to re-board the coach for what turned out to be an incredibly long journey to the Smugglers Haunt hotel in Brixham.

KNUCKLES!  Are we nearly there yet? 
   The Orchestra of Little Egypt 

The hotel no longer operated its bar or restaurant, but our stickmeister NuNu - whose birthday it was the following day - had organised a mobile bar which was inaugurated as soon as we had all unpacked.
Then we were free for the rest of the evening and people disappeared in various directions to their favourite new hostelries.
One result of the eleven hour coach trip was that most men got to bed fairly early, at around 3 a.m.

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