Party Time!

Hats off to Kevin

The Angel
14 June 2014

Never let it be said that Little Egypt would miss out on the chaance of bit-of-a-do.

Saturday 14 June was the date earmarked for the 50th Birthday celebrations of Little Egypt dancer, taxi driver and landlord of Glemsford's Angel Inn, Kevin LeStrange.

A day of entertainment and drinking, with live music and us.

Would it all go ahead? Kevin had been very poorly, in and out of hospital with a strain of pneumonia unidentifiable by the medics at the West Suffolk Hospital. Just a few days to go and Kevin was back on the ward, but determined to gain release in time to enjoy Saturday's delights.

He's been released! 

As we arrived at the Angel we found him in the bar nursing a pint and an oxygen bottle. We realised he had a long recovery ahead when he admitted that the beer in his glass was not his beloved IPA but an incomer from the West Country, Sharps Doom Bar. What's more he was enjoying it! Apparently the Angel is no longer owned by Greene King which meant that at last some decent beers can be stocked.

If we start playing 1D tunes, perhaps they'll venture out 

Fortified by this news we ventured outside on the dot of ten past three to dance our set. Marking a dramatic change to our programme for the 2014 season we started with Ring O' Bells.


We'd also been practicing two of our newer dances, Glemsford Bridge and Postman's Knock so it was to our great surprise that each was performed flawlessly. We mixed in a number of old favourites and suddenly our time was up as the band behind us strummed into action.


Thankfully Kevin seems to be very slowly recovering so, from us all, Get Well Soon and Happy 50th!

'Feet off ground for luck' 
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