The Essence of the Morris

A fine hostelry

"The Six Bells" Felsham
18 June 2014

Dancing with friends, and sometimes a few onlookers, outside a pleasant pub on a lovely Suffolk evening is, for some, the very basis of this art we practise.

We usually try at least once a year to dance out with Bury Fair, often in Lavenham. So for a change we thought we'd join them at the Six Bells in Felsham.

It's not a easy pub to find without a map or the sat nav so it was with a sense of deja vu that we found ourselves on the outskirts of Lavenham having missed the turnoff via Cockfield.
Still, it was a beautiful evening for a mystery tour of Suffolk and we still arrived in plenty of time.
Also joining us were Hageneth, or at least three of them.

Well we got here on time 

As is traditional, the organising side dances first and Bury Fair entertained us with a delightful version of "South Australia", complete with rope hauling moves.

Sing along if you like  I would if I could breathe at the same time 

This is the bit I like best  Feet off ground - just like Little Egypt 

We couldn't top that so we went straight in to one of our less-known dances, "Ring O' Bells". We also included "Glemsford Bridge" to rapturous applause and the barking of several dogs.

This is the bit I like - we get to stand still  Knuckles! 

TComplicated moves these  I hope they baffle the audience - they sure as hell confuse me 

The Hageneth Three were able to take part in other dances which we had in common, although as is so often the case, each side has minor variations in the moves and particularly the sticking, leading to some amusing misunderstandings and clashes.

Just as well these hankies aren't loaded  Mine is! 

Still, that's Morris for you.

See? That's what I can a 'flourish' 

As the sun went down and while we could still see our sticks, everyone joined in a final "Vandals", followed by some excellent going ahead and more Guinness in the comfort of the pub.

A pefect bucolic Suffolk evening.

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