Stand back, St Edmund
Guinness all round
Little Egypt
Still Dance for St George

The men were full of anticipation.
Was it because this was our first dance out of the season?
Was it because the Rose & Crown at Hundon was a Greene King pub?
Was it because the organisers, Belchamp Morris, were expecting up to eight sides for their St George's Day celebration?
No! It was because Squire had decided that we would debut our New Dance.
We'd been practising for several weeks and were anxious not to keep it from our adoring public.

After Guinness all round, we were asked to take second spot in the dancing order.
Probably a bit soon for the New Dance so we stuck with tradition and led off with Ring O' Bells.

The all-important preparation. 

With so many sides in attendance there was plenty of time to savour our drinks and burgers - Belchamp putting on a fine display of their Border style - but all too soon we were on again.

These boots are made for dancing 

Their musicians make a fine sight in their guising finery.

It's just thee and me, kiddo 

Would Squire announce the New dance?
Not just yet, so it was all up for Vandals with random hey.

Patience, my fine fellow! 

Surely we would try the New Dance at our next opportunity.
But we had to wait for the massed bands to show their mettle and bassoon.

Safety zone? It's ok, I'm just outside the limits. 

And for the ladies to cut a fine caper

It's the socks that finish it off 

Yes, Squire announced Glemsford Bridge, explaining that this was its first public performance and that one of the moves which we call "The Snake" represented the winding road which led from Glemsford Parish Church to Glemsford Bridge itself and that it would be danced to the tune "King of the Pharoahs".
Much to everyone's surprise, not least that of the dancers, it went almost according to plan.
Indeed the very slight hesitation by one man - he knows who he is - was the only mistake and surely not noticed by the audience who'd never seen the dance before.

Not Glemsford Bridge, but pleasantly bucolic 

We were all very pleased at the successful launch of GB and rewarded ourselves in the time honoured way.
Guinness all round please, landlord!

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