Our Favourite Fête - again!
Fete lends a hand

1 June 2013

Our favourite Fête, in the nearby village of Stansfield, is usually held in August when the sun shines and the beer flows freely in order to counteract the effects of dehydration.
This year it was held on the first day of Flaming June, when the sun failed to appear until 10 minutes before the fête ended, and we were treated to chilling north easterly winds.

Fleeces and sweaters were much in evidence as we gathered for an afternoon's dancing.
Were we discouraged? No we were not and the spirit of Little Egypt was in ample evidence as we wowed the crowds with our athletic capering.
Despite the cold much beer was consumed, thanks to a fine choice by the organisers.
It was Nethergate's excellent Growler Bitter which was on particularly fine form. "This stuff just slips down" was a frequently heard comment.

Flaming June  Good of them to chill the beer 

The barbecue stall did brisk business too, although Mr Cleverdon's enjoyment of his snack was slightly marred when a low flying Mustard Bird managed to soil his sweatshirt.
Some men decided to pace themselves by alternating pints with cups of tea. Kevin in particular had several because there was no G.K. bitter available.
Cheers all round from the rest of the side.

Before you ask ...  Pinkies akimbo 

Mr Jukes enjoyed a 99 without the chocolate flake - waist-watching apparently. His own, on this occasion.

Neville was invited to draw the winning ticket for the Barrow of Booze which he duly handed to the Master of Ceremonies.

I really wanted a Mivvy  No, honest, on the allotment ... 

The winning name was read to the hushed crowd. Alas-a-dair North! Looks like a great Morris party might be on the cards soon...or might not judging from the way Alas-a-dair's son Marcus was counting the bottles.

I'm taking bids 

And the dancing?
Excellent as always and greatly improved now that Squire has worked out how to make sure those in the side with hearing difficulties can catch each and every one of the calls.

Lines!  I said 'Lines!' 

Oh, and NuNu's dog Scampy won a prize, Most Handsome Dog in the show.

He completely failed, though, on Dog Looking Most Like Its Owner: the judging must've been rigged.
It's a grand life if you don't weaken.

How to confuse a mutt with sticks. Tell him it's a dance.  A-hem. 
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