May Day 2013
A perfect Suffolk dawn
As near perfect as possible

Little Egypt Dance The Dawn

"Chilly but Bright" was the forecast for early morning on 1 May 2013.
We've heard that before, but on this occasion the weather experts were correct.

Where's the bizy lark that salueth the day, then?  Still in bed if he's got any sense 

In fact it was so bright an hour before sunrise that we wondered if we'd got our timing wrong.
It was also chilly, witness the frost on Bob's grass as we gathered bleary eyed at Monks Hall for the celebrations. 

Did you notice that brass monkey we passed?  Yep. He seemed to have lost something 

Our first dance was a gentle "Speed The Plough", not too demanding on chilled limbs and numbed minds.
As the dancing gathered pace, the men's energy reserves were seriously called upon for hanky waving, stick clashing - and leaping.

Are you wearing thermals?  How dare you! It's just the way my trousers hang 

At around 5.20am, watches were checked and the Squire indicated that it was time for our sun-welcoming dance, Ring O' Bells.
It is customary for the start of the dance to be timed perfectly so that at its conclusion the sun just appears over the hills of Stanstead.

I hope you lot are ready for this  We're ready for almost anything 

OK, this year we had to do and extra half gyp and back to back to get the timing spot on, but it worked. As the final clash of sticks and the last chord from the band rang out over the Glem Valley the sun duly appeared over the horizon.

Perfection in white 

Time for a quick photo of the end of dance lineup before the hankies came out again for "Getting Upstairs".

It's doing this that keeps me young  What's Nev's' excuse then? 

Squire left the selection of the final dance to the men who chose "Fires of August" to conclude our May Day ritual.
With the bright rays of the early morning sun warming our way, it was off to the Cherry Tree for a very fine breakfast.

Well: was it worth it? Too right, Squire? 


"One of the best Dawns in a long time" was the conclusion of the senior members of the side.
Who could argue with that?


And would whoever scuttled off without paying please reimburse the Squire's credit card?

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