Little Egypt meet a Professional

A well-dressed man

And the results are well worth it, we think you'll agree

During a most enjoyable outing (the celebration of a Wedding Anniversary and an associated Garden Party - 22 June 2013), Little Egypt more than met their match for once in the person of Kerry Morgan, a photographer ( who proceeded to create a most pleasing, not to say beautiful (what, Little Egypt, beautiful? Ed.), set of pictures of the Men at Play.

We are highly delighted with the results.

We are also indebted to Kerry for letting us use them here, and present them, without further comment for your delight.

Now hear this  Such a delicacy of touch 
He's still after blood, you know  I find I'm better-looking in soft focus 
Summoning worms, no doubt  They also serve ... 
My better side, without a doubt  You'd better believe it 

See what we mean? Thanks,Kerry.

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