Now Days are Drought- and Dragon-Ridden

Little Egypt
Dance for St George

We'd had nearly a week of April showers and the forecast for the St George's Day dance out at the Rose and Crown, Hundon predicted much of the same.
The forecasters weren't wrong, 'though only a single short spell of rain dampened the afternoon.

Where it all happens 

Since Little Egypt was dancing at that moment Squire decided that we would not beat a retreat into the pub but carry on, musicians carefully sheltered by precisely disposed umbrellas.

We never faltered 

Six other sides turned up for the event.
Belchamp - the organisers - the Haughley Hoofers, Hageneth, Green Dragon, Bury Fair and a side new to us, Doodle Oak Morris from Great Bardfield.


This was good news for Little Egypt since it meant there was plenty of time to sample the delights of Greene King's two brews. Or a Guinness for those looking for a bit of flavour.


Breaking with tradition we danced Ring O' Bells as our opener and the hey had to be seen to be believed. It was perfect. The other sides watched in stunned, silent admiration.


Jenny Lind went down very well despite the only shower of the afternoon, while Sweet Jenny Jones was exemplary.
The whole session was rounded off with a massed Vandals.


All in all a pretty good start to the local morris season and what better reason than to celebrate England's very own St George!

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