Up before the Lark
(and the Glem)
Are we there yet?
Little Egypt
Dance the May Day Dawn

The five day forecast said it would definitely rain on 1 May, but as we know "It never rains on Little Egypt"

Suffolk Mist, that's all. 

The next day forecast was for rain, but as we know "It never..."
4 a.m. on 1 May and there was definitely something wet falling from the sky.
Were we daunted? No we were not!

A slightly damp surface improves the stepping, I find  And the sticks steam better too 

We managed one dance between showers but then had to take the unprecedented step ...

If we speed up, perhaps we can dodge between the drops

... of moving inside Peter Ford's barn for Banbury Bill.
Squire said that as far as he could recall this was a first.

I can't fiddle in the wet, you know  That's what they all say 

A quick tune from the musicians then it was outside again, in light rain, for a few more dances including Speed the Plough, Sweet Jenny Jones and Vandals.

For the past few years we've been able to see the sun rise over the Glem Valley, timing the end of Ring O' Bells to coincide with its first rays striking the mens' impressive sticks.
This year it was all done by the clock, sunrise times courtesy of Old Moore's Almanac.

See? It's not raining really.  Salute bright Phoebus - wave your sticks at her. 

Slightly steaming we made our way to the Crown for a fine breakfast.
It Never Rains on Little Egypt...

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