Here's a health to her Majesty ...

Little Egypt
Dance for the Diamond Jubilee


The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II was not exactly a weekend of sunshine and warmth and on Sunday June 3 it was pouring with rain for our booking at Stanstead. Having prepared ourselves for a Tug of War with Stanstead's finest we were bitterly disappointed to find it being cancelled and replaced with "Pass the Parcel" because the field at the Village Hall was waterlogged.

Where it all happens 

Since It Never Rains on Little Egypt we elected to dance inside the hall, as well as partake in a few pints of Nethergate's excellent Suffolk County bitter.

We never faltered 

It was one of those occasions where we had a large and appreciative audience - let's face it there was nowhere else for them to go - and it was a tribute to the organisers that the afternoon went off brilliantly as they had to rearrange the planned events and devise last minute ideas which would work in the great indoors.


Little Egypt provided some energetic dancing whilst being acutely aware that a stick raised too high might collide with the ceiling. "Look at my plasterwork".




Monday 4 was the day we were to dance at our own village's Jubilee celebrations and as we arrived at Glemsford Social Club the sun was shining and, it seemed, most of the villagers were gathered for the afternoons festivities.
With ten minutes to go we noticed a certain shortness of dancers, numerically speaking. Even by drafting in Bob from his normal role as Whistle player in the band we only had five men.
Luckily, in the audience was "resting" man Andrew who, living a short distance away, volunteered to nip home and get into kit, thus saving our reputation as the most reliable, efficient, proficient and entertaining morris side in Glemsford.
The perfect ending to the day came after the dancing.
A free pint of GK IPA for every man.
We were truly blessed!



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