Little Egypt
Boxing Day 2012

The Mumming Tradition

The Little Egypt (previously Stour Valley) Mummers have been on the road since, well, well before 1997, in one form or another.
Their performance is an integral part of Glemsford's Boxing Day.

No! It's not a swingers' party, ok?

Rain had been forecast so the cast of the Mummers play had to ready themselves in record time.

This year's play was written by Ruth and, as it should, reflected some of the carryings on in our village during 2012.

All the regular characters were present, Mike as Room, Dave as the Egyptian Knight Bold Slasher, Chris as St George, Hazel as his wife The Queen of Little Egypt, Roger as Nogbert their son, Julie as Dame Copper Headmistress of Little Egypt Dame School and Squire Neville as the Green King.
Slasher's concubines were elegantly played by Sally and Nikki.
The music this year was performed live by Maggie, Ruth and Bob.

In essence the play told the tale of how Dame Copper had been hoodwinked into acccepting, free of charge, a thousand good quill pens from the Egyptian bounder Slasher.
Of course, there was a price to pay putting the future of the school, and Nogbert's education, in jeopardy.
So, Queen Hazel bullies her husband St George into challenging Slasher to what turns out to be a bloody fight and George is killed.
Slasher then attacks Dame Copper and kills her too. Who will save the day? Why, young Nogbert who rushes up to Slasher and kills him with his little penknife.
Nothing left to do but to call for a doctor, in this case the Green King, to revive the dead souls with his special potion (Greene King IPA) and to persuade everyone to be friends so that peace may reign.

The audience seemed to like it, with much hissing, booing, cheering and laughter at appropriate and not so appropriate places.

I am Mrs Gove. I rhyme with Move.  Not another sodding Professional Development Day? 
No problem, Squire  Overacting? Who? Me dahhhrrrling? 

And the forecast precipitation?
Well, it held off until just before the end of the play and as soon as the final bows had been taken, cast and audience alike hurried into the cosy confines of the Angel where they were further entertained (?).

Once again Lame Vera Lynn had managed to reach Glemsford, this year by way of a canoe due to flooding in the valley, and she gamely performed two of her greatest hits.
Then it was the turn of our very own "Simon Dupree" to reprise his only greatest hit, "Kites", complete with joss sticks to take us straight back to the heady and carefree 1960s.
And rounding off the show the Enos Sisters in their own distinctive style.

Oh, and more beer was consumed...

All in all, yet another **** day with the Morris.

That hat is taking the pith.  I will scatter rice paper stars in your heaven
If there are no stars, if there are no stars
All of these and seven wonders more will I find
When the wind is high, 
There's nothing like good 3 part harmony and ...  
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