Little Egypt
Boxing Day 2012

Answering the Squire's Call

As in previous years, since time immemorial, and at least 1992,
Little Egypt celebrated Boxing Day in true Morris style.

Just checking the abv

Despite appearances, 2012 has been a fine year.


The culmination of another great year with Little Egypt, the annual gathering at Squire's stately pile for the start of the Boxing Day celebrations.

Once again Carol had generously done us proud with her tasty offerings while Squire had taken care of the beer with a fine local pair, Nethergate's delicious but powerful "Old Growler" and the equally flavoursome but slightly less potent "Augustinian".

Each seemed to slip down with ease which didn't bode well for the dancing to come.

Here we go again, then  Another year, another cocktail sausage 
Cocktails? nah, neat gin.  Hat envy is not a pretty sight 

The traditional toasts were made with glasses of ice cold Goldschlager, then it was time to line up for the procession through the village to the Angel Inn.

There seemed to be more people around this year and many a "Merry Christmas" - or something similar - was called by drivers and passengers patiently waiting for us to pass.

I hear it's good for norovirus  Absent friends! - and a mug shot. 
And my next trick ...  

Equally traditional was our first dance, an "all up" Ring O' Bells with around a dozen dancers (some had to slip off to recharge their glasses with ale kindly provided by Landlord Kevin)

Before we knew what was going on, it was time for our final dance in the company of some "volunteers" from the audience.
The dance was, of course, Fanny Frail. The looks of apprehension were undisguised, and that was only the men. ...

Nearly ready  Now: if I remember right ... 
Don't look so worried, dear ... 

As night follows day, Mumming follows Dance on Boxing Day

Click here to see the Mumming

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