Little Egypt

A Thurston Thrash
25 May 2011

Dancing Out with Bury Fair

A fine Morris-friendly hostelry

A night out with Bury Fair has become a regular event in the Little Egypt calendar.

For the past few years we've joined them at Lavenham, but the locals are not, it seems, too keen on the sound of bells, sticks and music so the opportunity to dance at a really welcoming pub was one were looking forward to.

A welcoming sight  The Massed Bands 

The Fox & Hounds at Thurston is a lively and busy place with a fine selection of decent ales.
Adnams Bitter seemed to be most popular with the men.
We arrived in good time to limber up and were pleasantly surprised to find Hageneth had also come along to join in the fun.

What Little Egypt mean by limbering up  Hageneth show how it should be done  

Good news for us because that increased the amount of drinking time between dances. It was our first real outing of the year and once again the traditional "confused hey" was demonstrated by a couple of the men during Vandals.

Hageneth and Bury Fair were, of course, foot perfect.

And continued so to do  Bury Fair, very fair 

We did regain our dignity a little later with a flawless Steamboat - indeed a member of Hageneth commented "So Little Egypt does practice sometimes".

Overall I think we could give ourselves nine out of ten for our dancing prowess on this occasion.

Which is good!

Not MMLE, but Bury Fair again 

When it was over we all agreed that it had been an excellent evening, as these events usually are. Many thanks to Bury Fair for organising it.

And we even have some video to prove we danced as well!

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