High Summer
All in their fine array
And A Fine Turnout

Hawkedon, Queens
21 June 2011


Five Morris Sides, a firkin of Wherry, a bonfire, a Straw Man and a genuine Virgin. It just had to be the Little Egypt Summer Solstice at that pefect traditional country pub, the Queen's Head at Hawkedon.

A fine hostelry  And a fine crowd

And so it was. Joining us for the evening were regulars Green Dragon, Bury Fair ...

Green Dragon  Bury Fair 
... and Westrefelda, plus a rare appearance from our friends across the border, Belchamp Morris.  Westrefelda  Blimey! Belchamp. I thought they played Bridge these days 
It was our gig so we danced the first dance. If I say it involved two sticks, too many men and a random hey you can probably guess what it was.   Restoring the original meaning of 'random'  They probably didn't notice 

The other sides followed in turn displaying fancy footwork, excellent stick control and some elegant and energetic hanky waving.

The weather ("It never rains on Little Egypt") was kind.

I bet they did  Never mind - go for it 

A bit breezy but sunny and dry and it was clear that dancers, musicians and an extremely enthusiastic audience really enjoyed themselves. We also enjoyed the Wherry.

The musicians job is to follow the dance  I did, and I got lost round about Tiptree 

Squire had checked the precise time for sunset over Hawkedon and as the moment began to approach he called for all sides up for a final dance. Then it was time for the evening's procession of the Straw Man to begin.

Scott our landlord, who each year manages to procure a Virgin to lead the Straw Man to his doom, had come up trumps once again. Dressed appropriately in white, and under the watchful eyes of Mum and Dad, she delicately removed the "modesty" apron, the musicians struck up and the fun began.

The wheaten one was placed on the pyre, Squire rubbed two sticks together and before long he (the Straw Man) was ablaze. This year for the first time the event was captured on moving pictures.

Tradition had once more been maintained and everyone had had another fine night with the Morris.

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