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Dancing At A Pub


Red House
18 July 2011

We enjoy dancing at the Red House in Stanningfield. Always a warm welcome, fine ales and lovely "country pub" atmosphere. We were the guests of Green Dragon so we'd been practicing like mad in the weeks leading up to this event.

And a fat lot of good that did.

Right. Let's show 'em how it's done  On second thoughts, let's do what we usually do

Still we showed some fine, if not fancy, footwork, excellent stick control and some perfect heys.
Plus some imperfect ones.
We were expecting to be joined by Westrefelda but they couldn't make it, except for one of their dancers, Mark, who hadn't been told of the cancellation and had turned up in kit and ready to go.

What else were we to do but offer him the chance to dance with one of the finest sides in the county?

Neville rests his legs  Green Dragon rest their case 

Sadly he didn't know any of Green Dragon's dances so he joined us instead.
You'll spot him in the photos - he's the one with the strange kit and apprehensive look on his face.
He danced well, so well in fact that we invited him to change sides and join us on a regular basis. Squire pressed the King's Shilling on him (well, 20 pence to be exact) and already he's turned up for a drink in the Angel but not, so far [at the time of going to press], for practice.
Time will tell.....

What am I doing here?  What are we doing here? 

The evening finished with a rousing Ring O' Bells with both sides taking part, despite the fact that we could hardly see the sticks by then. It made no difference, a great evening was enjoyed by all.

Thank you Green Dragon, for inviting us - see you there next year?

Is it legal to dance after dark without headlights?  Who cares? - Let's have a drink. 
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