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The Quay Theatre, Sudbury
4 June 2011

The Quay is a delightful small theatre tucked away in a quiet corner of Sudbury in Suffolk.
And quiet was the operative word on Saturday 4 June when we were asked to dance in aid of their fundraising "Music weekend and Beer Festival".

Where it all happens  Where it all nearly happened

Just mention the words "Beer festival" to Little Egypt and the men are out in force, tankards at the ready.
We were looking forward to entertaining the crowds whilst taking the opportunity of sampling some of a wide range of local ales.

Doing what we do best  I think someone's watching ... 

We arrived early in order to ensure a good parking spot, but were surprised to find the car park half empty.
And where were the sounds of politely carousing beer afficionados?
Had we got the wrong day?
Was it to be Comberton II?

Never mind lads, we're watching  Dance lads; that'll flush them out 
We crept through the deserted foyer where the lone receptionist indicated the way to the bar.
There was a single beer afficionado, in seriously uncarousing mood.
He might have been the theatre manager looking for a pint of Gr**ne K**g I*A.
Still there was a selection of ales, six to be precise, all brewed by that fine Southwold firm Adnams.

The "Ghost Ship" was reckoned to be the best on the day, but the other five each had its supporters. 
Finding what we do best  Where is everyone? 

We were booked to dance at 1pm, but thought we might delay the start a little longer to allow the crowds to assemble.
So at 1.25 we processed to the car park to be greeted by the six hardy souls who'd managed to find out that the event was taking place.

Advertising does not appear to a be a strong point of the Quay's operation.

Blow that thang  Wonderful 

We were delighted that the audience was boosted by the arrival of two old friends of Little Egypt, Gerhardt and Pamela from the Hoingker who were visiting Suffolk on a twinning jaunt.

The Squire reports:
"They commented on how youthful we were all looking and that we had lost none of our spark and enthusiasm. They had to depart before the end, however, as they had an urgent appointment at the opticians."

Do you still let Herr Bangs loose?  Not since that major diplomatic incident in Asslar, no. 

So we danced a full set, we managed to entertain and retain "the audience", then departed to spend the rest of Saturday afternoon in ways that cannot be mentioned in polite society but mostly involved beer

On the fiddle   
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