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Little Egypt - Small but Perfectly Formed

Ely Folk Festival

9 July 2011

It's been many years since Little Egypt danced at the Ely Folk festival so hopes were high that we'd have a huge turnout for our triumphant return in 2011.

In the event five dancers - including one from Belgium who'd come over to make up the numbers - plus two musicians represented our fine side.
Bob, normally on penny whistle, was drafted in as a dancer for the day leaving Ruth the sole player with her melodeon.

Some must have got lost  Zeebrugge seems particularly appealing now

Arriving at the car park Squire, with his uncanny sense of direction, pointed the way to the Cathedral where all the sides taking part were gathering for the opening procession.

The Cathedral. It's that big old building.  See? We were expected. 

Fortified with tea from the Cathedral cafe we processed around the market stalls and alleyways before assembling outside Cafe Nero for our first stand with Green Dragon and clog dancers Manor Mill.

Sedate is not the word  Ring my bell and rattle my chimes 

Then, via the nearest ale house, it was on to Costa Coffee (were the organisers trying to reform us?) where we met a marvellous side called Young Miscellany.
And young they were, one just seven years old, but very impressive, displaying precision dancing skills.

Hmm. They're quite impressive, aren't they?  Don't let them put you off. We were all young once. 

Time for another quick beer before the next venue, where we met up with a Molly side, Gog Magog.

Should we adopt a new kit, like this? ...  ... or this? 

Sadly there was no nearby pub for topups but probably just as well as the local drains were whiffy enough to put you off your IPA.

Mind you, it could be the IPA 

Our final stand was outside the Cathedral where we were in competition with two Border sides, Bakanalia and the fearsome Witchmen.

You don't scare me ..., on the other hand ... 

Despite our reduced numbers we put up an excellent showing and at the end of the day we left Ely confident that the colossally high standards of Little Egypt had once more been maintained.

It really was a great day with the Morris.

Time for some real beer, perhaps? 
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