An impromptu soirée
I, as usual, am in charge

Often the best way:
The Greyhound, Chevington
13 September 2011

It was one of those relatively last minute things.

Founder Fred decided to organise a Folk Night at his local pub, the Greyhound in Chevington.

Would Little Egypt come along and dance, and sing perhaps?

Since the landlord had ordered some tasty beers from the Humpty Dumpty Brewery the answer was a resounding "Yes!"

It was dark by the time we arrived but Fred had organised some lighting in the pub garden so that we could see our sticks.

The ground was not exactly level so footwork was a little approximate.

Why are you limping?  I can't really see my arpeggio 

Mr Bangs had forgotten his kit so danced in the guise of a retired thatcher.

It was to be a busy evening so we were limited to three dances before inviting the pub customers to join us in a special performance of Vandals.

"Look at my stick" cried the locals!

  I'm STILL in charge 

Then it was inside the pub for an evening of singing, playing and reciting. With Neville acting as MC, Fred led the way with "Pleasant and Delightful".

That's my song  Me, again 

Terry, Special Constable Bangs, Ruth, Martin, Brian, Alasdair, Maggie, Bob, Hazel, Doods and Kevin each did a turn or two with percussion from the Little Egypt rattlers, along with Gayle from Bury fair (who kindly supplied the photos of us dancing in the garden) singing a couple of saucy East Anglian songs.

I'll give 'em Fishermen's Friends ...  So will I, pet 
  The Big Band Sound  And the solo too 

The Landlord rounded off the evening by juggling a couple of bar tables.

A rather splendid if unusual evening with the Morris (but how a good round-the-room sesh should be Ed).

And for my next trick ... 
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