Little Egypt
Boxing Day 2011

Dramatis Personnae, or what?

The Little Egypt Mummers Play

previously known as the Stour Valley Mummers
featuring the welcome return to public performance of
none other than
David Jukes

After a short break the players had changed into costume for the 2011 Mummers Play.

Neville had adapted an earlier play, introducing some political comments on the shenanigans involving Glemsford Parish Council during the past year.

This seemed to go down very well with the audience who laughed, hissed and booed in proper tradition.

The cast as always acted their parts to perfection, following the script with the precision which can only come with a good pair of spectacles.

The Characters:

Our Parish Council Reporter
Tim “The Cake” Sewell

Father Christmas:
our Social Conscience and Wise old Sage
Roger “The Morris” Cunningham

Bold St. Steven:
Our Hero and all round Good Egg
Alasdair North

His wife – Queen Seyujima:
the Glemsford Virgin
Hazel Fleming

Kublai Kev: The Deluded Landlord of The Angel Inn and keeper of the legend of the evil Green King
Neville Parry

Chieftain of Compliance from the far Eastern Empire of Babergh
Dave Jukes

His Wife – Fatima Luka:
the Sarah-son Queen
Maggie Leopold

His Two Glamorous Handmaidens:
Onatop and Eyewood

The Quack:
Doctor Moror Lesser
Mike Sewell

St Steven  Slasher 
Dr Moror Lesser  Kublai Kev 
Father Christmas  Queen Seyujima 
Onatop and Eyewood  It's that man again 
The more we are together ...

The afternoon's entertainment continued with the surprise (again) arrival of Dame Vera Lynn and considerable consumption of ale.
Another traditional Boxing Day with the Morris.
Sadly, no photographic record exists of this manifestation

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