Little Egypt
Boxing Day 2011

The Mustering of Little Egypt

The Morris Men of Little Egypt are full of tradition.
Perhaps the oldest, and most-honoured, is the Boxing Day Dance.
This brew deserves the pinky
The tradition has many aspects, and several depths, the deepest of which is the "Mustering At The Squire's".

2011 would be no different
I'll just tune up and play this little number I learned from George Michael

The first thing everyone remarked on was the weather - last year we were dancing and mumming on a snow covered Angel Inn car park, this year was dry and, for the time of the season, a balmy 12C.

As usual Squire had invited us to gather at his house for a pre-dancing livener and this year we had three fine ales to sample - Woodforde's Wherry and Norfolk Nog and Nethergate's Augustinian.

Lovely stuff!

Here's a fiver says we won't be on time  These artificial coals can be so realistic 
Should we go, Squire?  Nah, Maggie's got to finish that pipe first 

Pride of Place; Pride in Place
Geoff unveiled the new stick trolley as a replacement for the aging original which had for some time been in danger of exploding under the weight of sticks. And very smart it was too, with hand painted images of certain members of the side on the side.

And so, at last, to the Dance:

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