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Once a knight always a knight, twice a knight, more than some can manage

A First Visit to the MediŠval "Fayre"

Witham's "MediŠval Fayre" at St Nicholas Church has been held annually since 1973, but 2010 was the first year that Little Egypt was invited to take part
- and before anyone gets the wrong idea the organisers have already asked us to make a return visit in 2011.

The Fayre itself had stalls set up in the church precincts and many traditional craft items were not only on display but being created on the spot.
Several stallholders were dressed in appropriate mediŠval costume and indeed our Squire almost managed to sign up a new dancer, but sadly his suit of armour prevented him from passing the audition which we all know demands the applicant to demonstrate the quadruple reverse galley round without falling over.

It was a warm, sunny afternoon so the men knew instinctively what they had to do - ensure their fluid levels were topped up. Luckily the White Horse pub was right next door to the churchyard.

A traditional setting  A traditional gathering 

Dancing was alongside the church in the road which had thankfully been closed to traffic. The presence of several members of the local constabulary ensured that lines were perfect and footing precise as no-one wanted to be breathalised for being intoxicated in charge of a morris stick.

Contemplating the inevitable  The Inevitable 

In the event good crowds gathered to see the men's' weapons at close quarters, newish men Chris and Kevin put in some fine performances, and everything went off exceedingly well. Here's to next year..

All the fun  of the fayre 
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