Little Egypt Revisit Stansfield

Hit the ground running

Village Fête, 2010

Saturday 21 August, and we found ourselves at our favourite Village Fête, in Stansfield. The organisers had asked us to bring some fine weather, and as we all know it never rains on Little Egypt so a perfect day was guaranteed.

We were given the honour of opening the fete, so Squire Neville was at great pains to brief the men in his exceedingly thorough fashion.

I want lines straight, feet evenly off the ground, and precision sticking  You'll get what you're given and be grateful 

Julie and Tommo were present - a rare event these days - Julie was hosting her Tarot Tent whilst Tommo was just hanging about. A duff battery in his portable bass amp meant that his efforts were rather more muted than usual.

You shall meet a strange man with a bass guitar who thinks people worship him  I'm a Rock-God, me 

The men looked pleased. The first set went entirely to plan and soon it was time for burgers and (more) beer.

Entwhistle never had this problem  We're always here 

The Fete Programme had listed our second set as "Little Egypt On Tour" which we took to mean that we'd dance at various locations around the field. Which we did. Most stallholders were pleased to see us and we were happy to provide extra colour to the "Hat Lady's" display.

I think they're pleased to see us  In all their fine array 

Our final dance of this particular session was to be "Fires of August". Neville briefed the dancers on each and every move but sadly one middle man could not decide which was the top of the set and ended up facing the wrong way.

Looks ok to me  Still ok? 

Still he was consistent, keeping it up for most of the dance.

Spot the difference?  Oh dear 

Several Little Egyptians had purchased tickets for the Grand Draw - top prize an IPad. Alasdair was the only winner, but what a prize. Tickets for the Grand Enclosure at Newmarket Races 2011 on Ladies Day plus a hamper of fine food and wines. Mmmmmmmm!

I've won  An I've another 

Another prizewinner was, with the accolade Best In Show, not Hazel but her (and NuNu's) dog Scampy.

It's a dog's life  You're not kidding 

Neville had entered us in the Tug O' War contest but with no other side to compete we were declared winners. Another medal to add to Little Egypt's collection.

Little Egypt on the Pull   

Just as we had opened the fete at 12 noon, and we closed it at 4 p.m. with a set of dances which more than made up for the Great Fires of August Disaster.

We think they liked us...

we're still here  so am I 
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