A New Dawn for Little Egypt

Here we go again!

May Day 2010

Tradition reigns with Little Egypt and so we set out from our homes nice and early to celebrate May 1st by Dancing In The Dawn.

Our usual venue was unavailable this year because an important wedding meant that there was a large marquee where we normally dance, so we moved to Bob's garden instead.

5 a.m. was the designated gathering time and prompt arrivals warmed themselves with coffee while waiting for the stickmeister and his minders, soon to be seen toiling to the top of the hill.

Well: we're ready, where's everyone else?  The gamekeeper nearly got us 

Squire briefed the men as the light grew gradually brighter then Speed the Plough got us off to a gentle start on the damp and slightly uneven ground, and a fine performance it was.

We're here now - let's get on with it  Floodlighting's not all it should be 

After a couple more dances it was time for Kit Inspection, this being the first time in 2010 that we'd worn whites.

Most men were deemed to be smartly turned out with crisp, well pressed shirt and trousers and handkerchiefs scented with lavender but others were criticised for, among other things, non-regulation hankies, no baldrick, no waistcoat.

You may be able to spot these offenders in the accompanying pictures.

That man! Your flowers are out of season. Take his name, Mr Stephens.  Too fast for the camera lens 

At 5.29 the Squire blew his whistle to announce that sunrise was just three minutes away.

Once again through his precision timing Ring O' Bells ended at precisely the moment when the sun appeared over Stanstead hill.

We couldn't see it of course because of the heavy cloud, but it was definitely there as photographic evidence proves.

Is it time yet?  It worked! It worked! 

Little Egypt, renowned for it's incredibly straight lines, apologises for the wobbly final lineup which was due solely to the undulating nature of the ground.

Salute the sun  On with the show 

Just before 6 a.m. we decided it was time for breakfast so after a final Vandals we headed off to the Angel Inn where Kevin had prepared a sumptuous repast.

Breakfast eaten and enjoyed there was only one thing left to do - prepare for Rochester!

Anyone hungry?  Right! That's done. Breakfast ... 
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