Little Egypt's Christmas Beano
Saturday 18 December, 2010

"Snow was falling, snow on snow..."

The phone kept ringing.
"Stuck on the road back from Cambridge",
"Nothing getting in or out of Boxford"
were typical reasons for a smaller than usual gathering at the Manger Inn for the annual Lttle Egypt Christmas Beano.
Thankfully Felix Coaches were determined that the passengers from Glemsford would get there, even if they might not make the return journey.

The Manger was cosy and warm and the Rockin' Rudolph not bad for a brew from Bury.

As usual the evening began with traditional Christmas Carols before the meal was served.


The food seemed even more delicious than previous years and following a few toasts the guests settled down with their coffees for the 2010 edition of ECamel.

The guests drank their coffees and continued to look forward to ECamel.

Ruth took over MC duties inviting guests to do a turn whilst Neville & Brian & Dave & Alasdair & Mike puzzled over the lack of communication between laptop and projector.

In the end it never did work so ECamel is at present frozen in its digital form.

This unexpected technical hitch provided time for some fine entertainment, from Frederick's marvellous monologue and Terry's terrific Christmas tale to Dave Hartley's scary story of CIA shennanigans and Alasdair's robust rendition of "Over the Hills".


The "Best Decorated Christmas Hat" award went deservedly to Maggie, the Bagman's attempt was disqualified for collapsing before the judging started.

Remember, never put you hat on top of a hot radiator.


All in all it was a great evening - our grateful thanks to Martin Cleverdon for applying the weight of his organisational skills to the enterprise -
and yes, the coach did make it through the snowy lanes to return us safely home.

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