Little Eygpt
Boxing Day 2010

The Gathering:

It was cold - the car temperature gauge read -3C.
Outside the Squire's house it was treacherous - the council hadn't come round to clear his drive.
Inside the Squire's house it was cosy.
Mrs Squire had prepared some tasty treats which the men and musicians fell on in preparation for the long day ahead.

The Shunter's Arms contained two very fine ales from Woodforde's, Wherry and the festive special Nog, each of which was consumed with relish.

It was noted that one man was improperly dressed, being kitted out in Horkey gear rather than whites.

Since it was the season of goodwill towards all men he was allowed to remain with the side for the day, but not allowed to forget his misdemeanour.

Neville's embonpoint is sponsored by Adnam's of Southwold   
I thought it was the Horkey 

As the clock moved round to 1pm Squire blew his Thunderer, deafening bystanders, to announce that the procession would commence in five Morris Minutes. The traditional triple toast was performed with everyone raising their glasses to, in turn, Absent Friends, The Hoingker and finally, and of course, to Little Egypt.

The procession moved from Tye Green to the Angel Inn where Kevin and Paula were ready to welcome us. Kevin stood at the car park gate in his Morris kit and a fine figure he cut looking at his watch which was clearly running fast.


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