Stour Valley Mummers, 2000

This year, we restricted ourselves to the single Boxing Day Performance.
It went down well.

This year, we used the same script as last year, which is actually a loosely adapted "pace egging" play, altered to emphasise the turning-of-the-year motif.
Here is the full cast, less The Announcer.
Break a leg, luvvies
Mark made a great impression with his debut performance of the central character of St George. Fierce? Me?
Dave Jukes maintained his reputation for a fearsome Turkish knight.
Few will forget his soliloquy on death ...
I'm dead, me. ... No, I am, honest
John Proffitt showed his versatility and professional training in moving into the role of Toss Pot, so controversially abandoned by Tommo. Big bweaths
Marilyn Clarke amused the crowd by cross-cross-dressing as Mally Masket Show a leg, duckie.
John Aldous, as Beelzebub, scared the wits out of the audience, and himself. Feeling the fires of hell
"Make up of the year award" went to Geoff Monk, as Devilty Doubt Now, THAT is scary
Martin Cleverdon took on the part of the King of (Little) Egypt, and his costume draw admiring glances from the audience. Skirts are being worn shorter this year
Steve Clarke took the undemanding role of Announcer, all efforts to persuade Brian Perkins to participate having failed. Me lords, ladies 'n' gennulmen ...
Unfortunately, we have no individual photos of Neville in the dual roles of Nelson and Jolly Jack Tar, so this stereotypical piccie of him at play will have to do.
Now: just don't tell me about apathy
To conclude: a rare interior shot of the mummers in action. Jukes gives it his all, while Martin barracks in his most pharaohic fashion. Here, have my all.

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